Meet Bintou
Bintou discovered her unique and undeniable talent for braiding at just the age of 12 years old. Ever since, she has made it her goal to make every woman she meets feel beautiful and confident. Bintou is no stranger to humble beginnings. As a native of the French-speaking country of Burkina Faso, located in West Africa she arrived in the U.S. in 1998 seeking a better life for her family.

“I truly did not know what America had in store for me. But I did know that the opportunity to have a better life for me and my children, is not anything I would ever take for granted.”

Upon arriving, Bintou’s ambition to be her own boss led her to start her first braiding salon within the garage of her own home. Her clientele grew from close friends and neighbors, to having her front yard converted into a parking lot to accommodate everyone pouring in from the Metro Atlanta area. However, city laws did not permit her to host a salon in her house for long. This then led to the opening of Bintou’s Braids, Weave & Others located on Memorial Drive.


5895 Memorial Dr, Suite F
Stone Mountain GA 30083